Team Members

Carolynn Chalmers

A corporate governance practitioner and strategic advisor on IT, Information and Digital Transformation matters. Carolynn specializes in the development and application of international standards for the governance of organizations, information and technology.Continue reading

Edmund Jeneker

Edmund is a Chartered Director with executive and board experience in large, listed organisations. His focus is on corporate as well as public enterprise, with a special interest in fintech and social matters.Continue reading

Yasmin Forbes

A Chartered Director (SA) with expertise and executive leadership track record that spans across both Corporate and Civil Society. Yasmin specialises in areas of Governance and Compliance with a focus on Information Technology.Continue reading

Gerrit van der Merwe

A chartered accountant with executive experience in several jurisdictions. Gerrit specialises in corporate governance, risk governance, Audit Committees as well as Social & Ethics Committees.Continue reading

Henk Rossouw

Henk’s  background is a mixture of law, accounting, taxation and finance, with many years of experience in corporate finance, structured finance and venture capital investments. Currently his focus is on developing alternative (non-bank) finance solutions for SMEs.Continue reading